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Silesia Business Park complex consists of four Grade A modern office buildings situated in a developing and widely sought-after business area of Katowice. The business complex is a well-known landmark in Katowice and is in close proximity to the city center, retail facilities and residential estates. 

The façade is a mixed set of horizontal black, white and gold panels, set against . The combination of materials with different shades and colors off the impression of modern architecture in the form of a Tiramisu layered cake. The buildings have been designed to guarantee space flexibility and to meet the most rigorous quality and safety building standards, including raised floors, suspended ceilings, modern air conditioning, telecommunication systems and Building Management System (BMS). All buildings are LEED Gold certified.

The fast-paced life is supported with amenities and proximity to public transportation. The area outside was designed with care and in consideration of users, thus, the green areas, leisure banks and city bike stations, as well as outdoor gym/fitness facilities. Established transport networks make it easier for employees to access the complex through various alternative modes of transportation, such as buses, trams and bikes. The area between the buildings of the complex includes a docking station for the popular “City by Bike” urban bicycle.

Silesia Business Park, Chorzowska, Katowice, Poland
Chorzowska is a main artery road connecting to the entire city
Trams and Buses
Tram stop is just a 5-min walk from the complex

Property Details

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Gross Leasable Area
LEED Certificate
Levels Above Ground
49,000 sqm
LEED Gold12

Monitored access system

24 hours security, monitoring (CCTV)


Clear Height

2.70 -3.30 m (from raised floor to suspended ceiling)


Floor Load

Raised floor; 3.5 – 5.0 kN/sqm on each floor


Lighting System

Energy-saving lighting system with motion sensors in the common areas


Increased amount of fresh air

40 cubic meter/person/hour


Heating and Ventilation

4-pipe fan coil HVAC and adiabatic humidifiers

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