Mission & Vision
ISOC Holdings, Inc.
LEED Certification

Who we are

     ISOC Group is the international real estate investment arm of ISOC Holdings, Inc.,  a Philippine-based diversified company, focused on expanding its portfolio in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, particularly Poland. We envision to continue building our presence in the market in the coming years by exploring opportunities within the localities of our current assets, while at the same time, earmarking other key progressive cities across the country.

     We believe in providing high-quality, distinguished services to our clients, and thus, we continue to invest and forge strong partnerships with best-in-class service providers. Together, we work hand-in-hand in developing strategies and programs geared towards value-driven business practices, excellent service principles, and innovative, tech-driven solutions. This keeps us at the forefront of a dynamic, fast-changing real estate environment.

Why Poland?

     The interest in the Polish market started in 2017 when ISOC Group was exploring opportunities to diversify its investments through strategic placements in select markets. Poland’s positive investment and economic outlook, plus the high-grade quality of the assets solidified the decision to capitalize in this market.

     Furthermore, ISOC Group saw Poland as a key attractive location for foreign investments. Aside from a stable macroeconomic situation, other factors included the high degree of innovation, a qualified and productive workforce contributing to high quality of provided services, a progressive and well-developed infrastructure, and a business-friendly climate.


We strategically invest in assets with high growth potential.
We continuously improve our way of doing business towards a stronger partnership with our clients.
We create and maximize value to ensure superior returns to all our stakeholders.


ISOC Group aims to be the leading Asian Real Estate player in the emerging markets in the  European Union.

ISOC Holdings, Inc.

ISOC Holdings, Inc. is a Philippine-based multi-industry company that creates waves and revolutions in Energy, Property, Infrastructure and Logistics. Our lightning bolt projects are industry benchmarks and case studies for innovative and sustainable business practice. Our customer-centric culture is at the core of our commitment to operational and service excellence. 

Backed by more than 100 combined years of experience and expertise in energy, infrastructure, cold chain logistics, and property development as its core business, our team is committed to sustainable economic growth through innovative and technology-driven projects and ventures.



I-Land is innovative in providing solutions for residential, commercial, leisure and recreational amenities with the latest design and technology, efficient customer care and property management ensuring its value over time.


LEED Certification

LEED has earned its prestige as being a global standard for green building certification. 

A LEED certification conveys a mark of quality and achievement for buildings, measured in the areas of sustainability, efficiency, construction and design, innovation and ecological soundness. ISOC Group’s assets have all achieved LEED Gold and Platinum certifications.


80+ points earned


60-79 points earned


Augusta Cracovia is ISOC Group’s partner and representatives in real estate investment and asset management services in the CEE. They bring in a combined experience of over 30 years in landmark international construction projects and investments in Poland, along with excellent networking with major stakeholders in the real estate industry. Our collaboration and strategic partnership is fundamental to sustaining growth and longevity, while continuously delivering value and innovation in our projects.

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